5 Must Have Marketing Tools For Affiliate Marketing in 2019

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While it’s worthwhile, the world of affiliate marketing is tough to navigate. That’s where IgniteHub comes in handy. The world’s most effective digital platform provides a full stack of digital marketing software for subscribers looking to bring their marketing to the next degree.
Yes, these marketing tools are 100% free from IgniteHub when you enroll on the monthly subscription.

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Who Is IgniteHub For?

Ignite hub is geared, in my opinion, more toward beginners. People wanting to learn how to do digital marketing or affiliate marketing or just in general creating a  brand or business online period. Although at the same time, all of the tools that it has inside could definitely make even the most advanced marketers speed their campaigns up quite a bit, as well as save them time in the long haul


Instafunnels is the flawless marketing software for affiliate marketers in the era of insta-everything. Built with digital marketing in mind, this nifty software permits marketers to produce highly profitable sales funnels and digital products in a breeze. It’s jam-packed with top-notch features such as:
Website builder – lets you build a responsive website with a few clicks
Email marketing – a simple tool for creating, monitoring, and examining auto email campaigns
Funnel Maker – enables you to build eye-catching landing pages to boost SEO
Other high-converting features include an eBook builder, SMS marketing, and lots more.



InstaSnip by IgniteHub is a groundbreaking content marketing software that allows affiliate marketers to drive web traffic from popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, and more. This way, you can put your brand, blog or website in front of your target audience.

The benefits of using InstaSnip include:

  • Leveraging call-to-action to bring in extra traffic, drive leads, and increase sales
  • Building your brand and credibility with 100% free traffic
  • Save marketing dollars by using proven CTA strategy
  • Spruce up customer acquisition and lead generation

social click dash

Facebook Monster

As the name suggests, Facebook Monster is a tool that’ll help you conquer Facebook marketing. It’s first of its kind Facebook Messenger marketing software. In practice, this tool lets you send tailored messages in bulk to your Messenger leads.
What makes Facebook Monster stand out?
Generate 10x more leads with Messenger than email marketing
Kick your affiliate marketing up a notch with sync leads
Priority support from expert digital gurus at IgniteHub

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Social Clicks

Social Clicks is a smart software that lets affiliate marketers post clickable photos to their page descriptions, links, and titles on a raft of social media platforms, including Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. In other words, Social Clicks helps you drive traffic from these five popular sites to your website or product pages.

FB Vid Live

Have you been struggling to keep up with the demands of live video streaming on Facebook? FB Vid Live is what you need. It allows you to go live on Facebook with pre-recorded videos. Even better, you can schedule live video sessions without any hassle.
Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be hard. With this handy suite of marketing software by IgniteHub, you can take your affiliate marketing to a whole new and profitable level.
Join & Rejoice
IgniteHub has much more, all jam packed under one roof. Oh, did we forget to mention the 7 day free trial? Test drive the whole platform for 7 days, and don’t take our work for it – have a peak yourself!

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