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MoolaVine Review

What is MoolaVine?

Well I don’t even know where to start. Moolavine is a very ingenious way of “reverse affiliate marketing” Dubbed by Bryan Winters.

The basic Concept is you have people approach you that want to buy pre-identified items, and they fill out a purchase request, if you reply to their request, you will then receive the affiliate commisions for that sale. SIMPLE!

MoolaVine Greendays

There are unlimited ways of making money on the platform, but the basics are very simple. Basically, You have to somehow be given what he calls “Green Days” which can be acquired by purchasing products of your own through affiliate links, you receive one green day per dollar spent.

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Another option is to purchase one month at a time of Green days, which starts out at a $1 dollar Trial. After that you pay $30 dollars a month. Which is referred to as the “unlimited green plan”.

As long as there are still green days left in the system, you can then be approached with people wanting to buy through your affiliate link, therefore earning commission on JVzoo or ClickBank of your own. BUT…

Moolavines “vines” aka referrals

The only people that you can receive requests from are people that are on your “vine” which is basically people you have referred to the platform.

There is not 100% no legwork involved, as you do have to refer traffic. Just like with any other offer or way of making money online. Traffic = Money. If your interested you can get more info here.

Moolavines Autopilot adroll Referrals

Now again if your one that prefers setting everything to straight auto pilot and leaving it be, this system can be for you as there is also the option to buy “ad-rolls” for $40 a piece, where you get one entry out of everyone that has purchased these ad rolls, meaning that if there were 100 people and you had one $40 ticket, then you would get one click from the ad out of every 100 clicks, and if you bought 2 you would get 2 and so on…

Every time someone clicks on an ad, you are not guaranteed to get a new lead to your vine, as these are real people, and they ultimately decide whether to join or not. If they do choose to join, the first product that they choose to purchase their green days with will earn you commissions, given that you accept their request

All in all I would say this is a very ingenious system, it’s obviously a new concept, at least one that I have never personally heard of. So it is by all means worth checking out.

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Who is MoolaVine for?

MoolaVine is really for anyone that just wants an extra source of income rolling in, and it is suitable for anyone from the newest newbies to veteran marketers.

Also it works well no matter how much free time you have on the table to commit to, as you will obviously just make more money with the more time you put in, or on the other hand you can literally set it up and forget it 100% if you have a little money up front to put down.

What don’t I like about MoolaVine?

It is hard to find something that I don’t like. Really it is such an original idea, there’s not much to compare it to. I guess if I have to choose something it would be that it could probably have more instructions on how to get traffic on the platform.

They give you an option to sign up for an email course over five days, which I haven’t taken the time to check out yet. I didn’t notice anywhere on the site of any ideas on how you could actually get your vine to grow. Thats why you can get our bonuses by clicking here


The best part – Moolavine is %100 free!

Exclusive Bonuses

I have handpicked these bonuses as I think they will go well with finding new traffic for referring to the platform to grow your vine.

google in stream ads youtube traffic weapon mailing lists use twitter for business quick cash traffic system

To get your bonuses email me at and send me a screenshot of your account.



User Friendly


Newbie Accessible


Evergreen Product


Refer to My Customers




The Goods

  • Make money on TRUE complete autopilot if you choose.
  • Doesnt matter how much time you have to commit, One hour a week or five hours a day. The more you commit the more you will make.
  • Newbie Friendly
  • Very upfront, you know what to do as soon as you sign up and watch the video.
  • Unlimited Potential of income!

If I Were To Make Changes

  • Could show ways to generate traffic.

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